Paige Young is the little sister of Penryn Young. She's 10 years younger than her sister, it means she's 7 years old.

Background Edit

After Penryn and their father comes home one day, they find Penryn's mother crouched over a two year old Paige who has been severely injured. Since then Paige was wheel-chair bound.

Angelfall Edit

At the start of the novel she was captured by 'Burnt' one of the angels who were trying to kill Raffe and cut off his wings. Penryn spends the rest of the novel trying to find and rescue her. When she eventually finds Paige she discovers that the angels have been experimenting on her. She is now covered in scars and has razor blades for teeth. She also has regained the ability to walk and use her legs again. She is the one who lifts the supposedly dead Penryn onto the truck which takes her safely to Obi's camp.

World After Edit