Raffe's Sword

Raffe's sword is a typical angel sword. As with all other angelic swords, it can only be wielded with permission from the sword. If permission is granted, the sword is as light as a feather, but if not, it is heavy as if it weighed several tons.

Appearance Edit

Like other angel swords, it is short with two feet of throat-slitting, double-edged blade.

History Edit

Prior to meeting Penryn Young, not much is known about Raffe's sword. It is assumed that the sword was his weapon of choice as he destroyed the Nephilim.

When Raffe is cornered by Beliel and his henchmen, he tries to defend himself with the sword but loses it in the fight. When he tries to reach for it, Beliel kicks the sword out of his reach. In an attempt to create a diversion, Penryn grabs the sword and tosses it to Raffe, saving him from the others. Raffe later tells Penryn about how only people the sword grant permission can lift the it, and since she threw the sword to him, it must have accepted her, too. Penryn and Raffe are the only wielders of the sword at this time.

Throughout their journey, Penryn and Raffe use the sword several times.

At the end of Angelfall, the sword senses Raffe's demonic wings and denies him permission, leaving Penryn as the sole wielder of the sword. She then names it "Pooky Bear" by mistake.

Abilities Edit

Like all other angelic swords, Raffe's sword can only be lifted with permission, otherwise it seems to weigh as much as several tons. In addition, all injuries inflicted on an angel using an angel sword are slow to heal.

It can share memories between two people if they are touching the sword. This is shown in World After where Penryn learns to wield the sword by watching Raffe's fighting moves against the hellions in his past. She was also able to experience the swords feelings and thoughts on past and current situations.

The sword also acts as a kind of gateway into someones memories, allowing people to travel through it. The only creatures who can to do this are hellions that come directly from the Pit, and they can be used to travel through the sword. In order for the gateway to work, the person you are touching must be both where you are, and in the memory, acting as a link between the two times/places.