"The Politician"
Vital statistics
Position Ex-archangel
Species Angel
Age Immortal
Status Dead
Physical attributes
Skin Color Fair
Hair Color Toffee (Medium brown)
Eye Color Warm (brown?)
Family Relationships
Siblings Gabriel (Archangel brother)

Michael (Archangel brother)

Raphael (Archangel brother)

Other Unknown
Uriel (Oriel) is one of the two archangels (Raphael being the other) to make an appearance in the End of Days series.

Besides being the most sinister antagonist and portrayed in the angel hierarchy as a political over a warrior, his character and background is left to any previous biblical reading or inference from the audience. He is in possession of an archangel sword but is untrained (or long untrained) to wield it properly.

End of Days Edit

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At the end of the novel, Raffe, in anger, strikes him from the sky. Due to his poor attempt at defense, Uriel falls into the human crowd below. The humans are all angry as well, and they start screaming out his crimes. Helpless, Uriel's body is quickly submerged under the violent mob.

"Feathers fly. Blood spurts. Knives slash up and down in the spotlights as arms pump, covered in blood."